The Z-line range is based on the new generation of HEVO (evolution Hull)

hulls. Resolutely aimed at enhancing performance, its design opens the

door to a future where we need no longer overmotorize our boats and

consequently over consume fuel.

Based on the latest hydrodynamic simulation algorithms allowing the

study of numerous innovations with a precision of about 1%, the HEVO

hull (on which the Z Line is based) is already part of a new era of RIB

boats. Much more fluid, more comfortable and above all, considerably

limiting consumption. From the first tests, the evolution is considerable!

The design of the hull as demonstrated in the HEVO logo (left) utilises the

displaced water that on standard hulls disperses outward and to the side and if

windy ends up as spray over the boats occupants! Instead with a HEVO hull the

displaced water is ingenutively channeled to the rear which consequently assists

toward the driving force of the boat and reduces spray to a bare minimum.

In doing so the same feature also creates a bed of air infused water

underneath the hull which drastically reduces friction and allows the boat to go

much faster under much less power.

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