‘My whole experience with Wave Boat UK was great. Rob was incredibly professional, personable and informative so that I could purchase the right boat for me which happened to be the 525 model.






















The boat enables me to share my love for jet skiing with the whole family whilst also ensuring the safety of my children. I also love that I can set up a base out at sea so that friends and family can go out and enjoy the water with the jet ski.

I was so amazed at the speed and handling ability of the boat and the fact it can turn 360 degrees in its own space is great for when we are in a more crowded area.’ – Tom Stringer

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‘As someone who is new to boating, I chose a Wave Boat 656 because I wanted a flexible, fun and safe craft that I could use with friends and family for days out wakeboarding and pulling inflatable rings too.

I have been delighted with the boat. It is easy to use, has excellent handling and great stability and comfortably holds 5-6 people and it is incredibly adaptable as the jet ski to boat and back again happens in seconds.

I have even been out with experienced boat owners who have all also been impressed by the handling, ride and flexibility of the boat.


Finally, the Wave Boat UK team was genuinely committed to providing a great experience and are always on hand to help you learn more about your boat. I was super impressed.’ – Chris Cole

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Having owned a jet ski for a couple of years, it was proving to be a solitary hobby. I was unable to share the fun experience with my family and when we did go out on the water it often involved a lot of waiting around on a jetty, taking turns.

The Wave Boat gives us the opportunity to go out as a family, or with friends. We can anchor up and detach the jet ski whilst also having a platform from which we can base our activities. Some of the group can enjoy a quiet bite to eat in the sun whilst the others can partake in wakeboarding or paddleboarding.

I went for the WB656 because it was the largest in the range and gave us the extra space to carry luggage (picnic, beach toys, towables etc). The boat is spacious enough to fit everyone on and includes a large enough walkway so people can easily move around the boat.

















I first heard about Wave Boat UK at the Southampton Boat show in 2018 and at the following show I booked my test drive and subsequently placed my order.

Rob and the team at Wave Boat UK were incredibly polite, courteous and professional and I was never rushed to make a decision. The test drive was well organised, and incredibly fun and really demonstrated to me the benefits of a Wave Boat.’ -
Tom Jenkins



“I initially heard about Wave Boat UK through its YouTube channel and was impressed with the features and that it appeared to be a family appropriate boat.
I was looking for something which would allow me and my young family to create long-lasting memories whilst also ensuring that we would all be safe. I booked to visit the Bournemouth showroom and found Rob to be incredibly accommodating, making the process stress-free and easy. He understood my requirements for a family-friendly boat and allowed my daughter and I to get onboard the various models, to find the right fit for us.















I chose the 525 Wave Boat as I felt it ticked all the boxes as a thrilling yet social boat. The boat is excellent for towing and allows easy access for people getting on and off the boat. The boat is faster and safer than anything else I have seen before, and I truly love it!
Once the jet ski is disconnected it creates a great area for the kids to swim and play. The hull itself is amazing and cuts through and rides rough water like an explorer yacht tackling anything thrown at it whilst the beam makes for a very comfortable ride.” -
Christopher Seal