While a PWC can accommodate up to two passengers, the Wave Boat accommodates from five to ten people, bringing a family dimension to jet skiing, that is the ambition of the Wave Boat. While one part of the family enjoys the adrenaline of the PWC, the other can laze around quietly in a cove, away from the crowded beaches of the coast.


Thanks to a boat buckles system, to pair and un-pair the PWC with the boat takes a matter of seconds. The boat is propelled by the jet ski turbine, which considerably limits the risk of injuries related to standard propeller motors. Handy and steady, the jet driving becomes a child’s play while maintaining the thrill of the jet propulsion. 



10 years ago the idea of Patrick Bardon, CEO of SEALVER, began to emerge. While he dreamed of being able to share his passion of jet skiing with his family, he imagined this innovative concept of a boat propelled by a jet ski. After three years of R&D, the first units were manufactured. While the first Wave Boat was manufactured by sub contractors the CEO Patrick Bardon took over the production in 2012 on the site based in France. Sealver then widened its range to 6 models, with both rigid or RIB available.


Thanks to his intellectual property and experience in the manufacture of these unique boats, Sealver has exported the Wave Boat in more than 50 countries; UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Peru.... The SME from France exports its local know how worldwide. The company caught the interest of the public straight away and also received attention from the professionals of marine rescue. The Wave Boat 575 pro was tested last year at the annual congress of the Fire brigade under the eye of the former French president Fancois Hollande.


As Sealver rapidly expanded toward a global footprint the exclusive distribution for the UK was soon acquired by a marine distributor, Eternal Leisure trading as Wave Boat UK, based in Christchurch, Dorset. Robert Wilson, CEO of Eternal Leisure has been a passionate enthusiast and entrepreneur in the marine sector with a number of years experience. 

“The very moment I saw the concept I fell for it, the ability to cater to everybody's needs on board a boat is the ideal solution. The fact is that not everybody wants to go fast on a boat, some want a thrill and some want to relax, the Wave Boat makes for the perfect outing for all on board every time. I knew once I saw it I had to try it for myself. After heading to France to put it through its paces and see if it was as good as it looks I was so impressed that we negotiated the exclusive rights for the UK there and then.

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The last few years virtual reality has had an enormous impact on modern industry. This innovative solution allows customers or investors to present projects or products with unusual sizes through simple 3D glasses. From a design and production point of view the manufacturing process via virtual reality makes it possible to test work station or product ergonomics whether from marine, automotive or aeronautical sectors.


Sealver understood the potential of this technology for its business ad its investments and now VR is part of three essential steps of the company strategy; design, promotion and marketing.

Wave Boat UK are soon to take delivery of an entire VR showroom where our clients have the ability to experience every model in the range first hand as well as customise their boat to their needs without the need of imagination as their finished product will be right before their eyes for final inspection before order! 





As Sealver rapidly expands toward a global footprint the exclusive distribution for the UK & Ireland is held by by a marine distributor, Eternal Leisure, based in Christchurch, Dorset. 

Eternal Leisure is SEALVER's direct representation for the United Kingdom and Ireland, we carry stock of all Wave Boat models for demonstration purposes allowing you to visit us and try out for yourself this incredible new innovation. 

Our vision for the UK & Irish market is ambitious and we are incredibly excited to share the passion behind the design and manufacture of the Wave Boat with all of our potential clients. 

We have been selling Wave Boat in the UK & Ireland now for 2 years and have benefited from great success as we now have many very happy customers and the message of this fantastic product is spreading fast. 

The brand is only going from strength to strength with the introduction of the new Z LINE to the range, what has proved to be the most popular model so far. 

We welcome any and all enquiries to our showroom in Christchurch whether it be for purchase or just curiosity please do not hesitate to come through to see this next generation of boat where a member of our team will gladly assist you.  

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